Thank You!

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I want to thank Norbert Waldenmayer for permitting me to invest his advertising budget for the Lion Building into a spooktacular time for the Helena Community.

ADULTS from every walk of life enjoyed reliving their childhood in the Lion Building Event Center where we played dress up, tug-o-war, dodge ball, and practiced our screaming voices at the same time we warmed up our throwing arms. Thank you all for coming out to play with me. After the night was over I had to ask myself why we ever stopped playing such games in the first place. I had so much fun!

The Haunted Tour was both magical and scary as we walked through the 3 story newly remodeled building and were occasionally terrorized by our worst nightmares come to life.

The reactions to the Dream Planning Center ( and Helena’s newest and hippest theatre in town, known as the “Heath” were humbling. I throughly enjoyed watching all the eyes light up as we walked through each door to explore worlds full of endless opportunities for creative expression and wild success.

A special thanks to all the volunteers, especially Sarah Cromeir for holding down the cellar and safe guarding the Lion Building from potential lawsuits. Paul Olsen, for scaring the living sh*t out of everyone. Shaun Durbin, for jumping in last minute and filling in as a host at the Dream Planning Center. A huge THANK YOU to my daughter Azaria Evans for emotionally traumatizing us all with your stellar performance and killer make-up. Your scary doll character will haunt us forever. I’d also like to thank the volunteers that helped set-up the Dream Planning Center Shared Office Space, Kendall Stewart, Kyle Woodson and Alex Gibbons. You were my Knight’s in shining armor who literally helped pull the Dream Planning Center visión together.

A special thanks Trevor Parish and the Signs Now team for the beautiful Dream Planning Center building sign.

A standing ovation for Errol Koch and his theatre group for your phenomenal costumes and hosting our “cheers celebration” in the Heath Theatre. Which was in honor and celebration of the Grand Opening of the Dream Planning Center and all the sacrifices Norbert has made that have allowed each Lion Building tenant to touch the stars and realize their Dreams.

Finally and most importantly a humble thanks and appreciation to the King of Kings, our Father in heaven, who gives us our Dreams and EVERYTHING we need to achieve them.

The Journey Begins


The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. – Oprah

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In 2014 I decided to take Oprah’s advice…to start pursuing my dreams and I must say that it’s been quite a thrilling adventure. During the last 4 years, as the result of proper dreaming & planning I have:

-Traveled to 3 different countries

-Established 3 new businesses

-Planned numerous memorable family and community events (weddings, birthday parties, funerals & graduation parties)

-Hosted several “Love Raisers” (a term I coined and an activity I invented.)

-Traveled across America, by car, from Florida to California.

-Flew 6 students to Disney world and introduced them to college students from all over the world.

-Helped 4 students get into a main stage performance at the civic center

-Enabled 3 students to attend Leadership Training at Purdue University

-Helped 1 failing student graduate from high school

-Helped 1 college student eliminate his high interest car loan.

-Signed up 125 students to receive free tutoring at Sylvan Learning Center and the list goes on. Because pursuing your dreams never gets old.

For this reason  I have created a shared workspace that will allow others who are courageous and ambitious enough to do the same. As I strongly believe that “Life is too short to not pursue your dreams.”

I would like to give praise and thanks to the King of all Kings for giving me my dreams. With Him nothing is impossible and all things are possible! I thank God for my life, for my burdens & suffering which gave me the wisdom and strength that has led me where I am at today.

I also would like to express my deep gratitude for Norbert Waldenmayer. Norbert “Thank You” will never be enough for your investment in the Dream Planning Center, my professional development, helping me carry some of my heaviest burdens and most importantly for believing in my dreams. Helena, Montana is more beautiful, modern, and sophisticated because of the homes, condos and workspaces you restored and built. May God continue to pour out his favor on everything you touch, so that your success shall continue all the days of your life and inspire generations to come.